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This Blog helps folks save money on their energy bills, both at home and at work.


Thank you for checking out my Blog.

The mission of the Energy Boomer Blog is to help folks save money on their energy bills.

I am building on my work experience, or rather trying to put it to work for my readers.

Trying to save the planet from global climate change or delaying the economic collapse that using peak oil is expected to cause are good motives.

But, saving some cash right now is better.

I just want to help folks save a money, both at home and at work.

If it helps promote energy independence, I can support that too.

When we each shave a little off our energy bills, it is good for the environment and good for our economy.

It is nice to have good side effects while keeping cash in your pocket.

Comments, questions and ideas to make it better are welcome. Please share your ideas on saving energy.


I am a Baby Boom vintage energy engineer who graduated from Michigan State University in 1971.

I am a practicing Certified Energy Manager, and a member of the Association of Energy Engineers.

Practicing means I work at it and learn new things every day.

My experience includes:

Manufacturing, Basic Steel Making, Self-employed, Cable Making, Production Management, Author, Plant Engineer, Start Up Business Owner, Sergeant of Marines, Disabled Combat Wounded Veteran, Scoutmaster, Chemical Production, Maintenance Department Manager, Ship Builder, Salt Production, Energy Engineer

I live in the USA in near Kalamazoo Michigan at about 43 North Latitude.

I have also lived in California, Virginia, Ohio and, for a number of years, by Lake Michigan at about 44 North Latitude.

I know what real winters are like.

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Boomer Definitions:

1. A Baby Boomer: born after the World War Two homecoming celebration.

2. Someone who moves to a place that is experiencing an economic boom (the Internet)

3. A transient worker (as a bridge builder)

4. Someone experienced in using explosives.

All four definitions apply to me.

I am not green in the way that people think of that color as meaning environmentalist.

I am green as in the Forest Green of the Marine Corps winter uniform.

I am green as in the Green and White of Michigan State University.

I am green in terms of saving Green Backs by conserving energy.


Walking on the beach, kite flying, sailing, fly fishing for trout, model railroading, computer simulations, walking outdoors, seeing and doing new things, reading, writing, being the worlds best grandpa.